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Sixty Day Bikini Workout Plan -- $60
Love the results our clients are getting, but feel more comfortable training on your own or live too far to train with us? Well now you can have access to our training methods. We have put together a 60 day training regimen that will surely challenge you and help you develop the nice tone body you've always wanted. The workouts are easy to follow and some only take as little as 30 minutes to complete but the end results are amazing. Follow our step by step guide on what muscle groups to train on which day and how much cardio you should be doing. Keep in mind that you cannot outwork a bad diet so if you need help in the diet area, check out our meal plans as well. 
Final Cut Plan Competition Week -- $80.00
Bikini Competitor Meal Plan -- $180.00
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You want to look competitive and your absolute best on competition day. The hard work in the months prior to the day of competition determines 95% of your stage shape; what you do during the week leading up to competition can give you that additional 5% to make you look even better. Our final cut plan will help you reduce any water weight you may be holding, help decrease additional body fat, and tighten you up to reduce any fluffiness you may be experiencing. This additional cut is not drastic, but will give you the noticeable difference you're looking for to boost your confidence level on competition day. 
Proper nutrition is the most important part of reducing body fat and gaining the right amount of muscle for bikini competitions. Coupled with the proper training methods, proper nutrition is what you ultimately need to mold your average body into an extremely fit body that's ready to hit the competition stage. Our bikini competitor meal plan is designed to help you achieve the incredible results you want in a relatively short period of time.  It is an easy to follow step-by-step guide that is tailored specifically for you by our nutritionist and has proven results. 
Simple Weight Loss Meal Plan -- $120.00

​If you're just trying to lose those extra pounds, this plan is perfect for you. The generally accepted rule to weight loss is to eat fewer calories than your body uses. While this is true, the formula is not as straight forward as it sounds. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins provide your body with the calories it needs to function, however, reducing calories from the right source of energy is what is takes to effectively lose weight. Our weight loss meal plan is easy to follow, designed specifically for you, and will help you intake the appropriate amount of calories from the right sources for noticeable weight loss. 
Posing -- $70/Hour
Your stage presence can have a huge influence on your placing. One of the worst things a contestant can do to herself is work extremely hard on her physique, but then pose in such a way that downplays just how great her physique really is. There are various stances and minor angle changes that can be incorporated into your posing routine to emphasize your winning attributes while at the same time, minimize the areas that still need improvement. Our coaches can help you figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your physique and teach you how to pose for YOUR body so you can show off your hard work on stage. 
Bikini Competitor Blueprint
The perfect guide to helping you achieve that competition-ready physique. 
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